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Kan Ya Wekan

Located in the heart of the Western Hajar mountains. Wekan is a village on the North side of Jebal Al Akhdar and specifically overlooking the greater bowl of Wadi Mistel. Nearly 1000 meter high, Wekan village along with its beautiful and lush plantations sits at the cliff edge with cool breeze year long. The hike takes you either from Wekan to Hadash or the opposite where you will walk total 14 km over 2 days and spend the night the at Al Jebal Al Akhdar plateau. In the summer, the temp at the top is nice and cool but in the winter it could get below 0 so be ready for some cold weather conditions. The views are spectacular and probably one of the best in Oman. 

Starts - 3 pm Thursday 
Ends -  2 pm Saturday

Start / End Point - Husaak Center - Muscat 

Price: 220 OMR / 2,199 SAR +VAT

Level: Medium 
Danger Level: Low risk
Ages: 12+

- This is a mixed gender trip
- This is wild camping
- Airfare and personal gear not included
- Husaak's trips are nonrefundable please visit www.husaak.com/terms before booking

Packing List

Sea shoes, microfibre towel, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, headlights (with spare batteries), swimming gear (Dryfit leggings, shorts/ t-shirts), reusable insulated water bottle (2l), Hat, sunglasses, gloves, sunscreen, bug spray/ repellent, camera / gopro with chargers, extra batteries, toiletries, fresh clothes, sandals / flipflops for the camp and waterproof mobile phone case. 

Meals Included
Day 1 - Dinner 
Day 2 - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 
Day 3 - Breakfast 

For more information or to sign up contact us at info@husaak.com or WhatsApp on +966 50 139 6943



Start - Thursday at 3 PM
End - Saturday at 2 PM
Night departure option is available sometimes – Check with registration team. 

Depart Husaak center Muscat and drive to the ancient village sitting on a cliff in Wadi Bani Kharus. We like to call it the 350 village as it surrounded by cliff edges 350 degrees and only 10 degrees entrance. The hike to village can take between 15 to 40 minutes depend on your fitness level. The first night will be spent there under the stars after setting up basic camp and cooking dinner. Everyone is expected to help in carrying up the stuff and set up the camp/cook.


The team will wake up early around 6 AM or even before depend on the time of the year, a quick breakfast to be served and then will have two options, either go back the same way (Easy) or go through the Wadi which is a good fun (This option is time sensitive). Once the team is back to the cars, a drive to Wadi Mistel and decision will be made whether to start from Wekan or Hadash. If you start from Wekan, you will end in Hadash and vice versa. The hike on Friday is long and it will take forever until you reach the plateau (dependent on your fitness level).

Once you reach the top, you will set up camp again as a team and enjoy a good dinner. Be ready for some cold weather. The plateau is windy most of the time and that increases the chill factor.

Wake up and start decending down the mountain to the end point and from there u head back to Muscat. Expected time of arrival to Muscat between 2 and 4 PM.



- Spectacular views

- Experienced guiding team

- All trip logistics and transportations (4x4 vehicles) from Muscat to the site and back

- Includes all food/drinks/Snacks – No alcohol is allowed. 

- Camp and camp equipment 

- Access to the Husaak Center before and after the trip (Wifi, Shower facilities, place to leave your extra bags) 




  1. Muscat
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