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The Moonwalk

Hike the other side of Jebal Shams by the light of a full moon




The popular Jabal Shams strikes again with this multi-level hike. This adventure is catered to both beginners and advanced hikers. The first hike is an easy trek to the abandoned village at Jebal Shams, a four hour trek. This will be followed by the Moonwalk, an 8 to 10 hour hike, that will be taking place midday and carry on thru the night. The moon walkers will only do this hike on full mooned weekends enabling them to navigate through the terrain with ease using the moonlight. The hike is a 15km ascend in one direction arriving finally at the camp site location.   The adventures continue the next morning when the hikers will be taken to the Dark Room cave where they will proceed to explore one of Oman’s phreatic limestone caves. This water filled tunneling cave expands and contracts and moves  underneath the earths surface for approximately 700 meters deep accessibly.  The hikers will be expected to have to swim in parts of the cave in order to move forward. After exploring the cave the hikers will be returned to Muscat arriving at the airport at 3PM.


  1. Muscat
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