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Wadi Taab & Ras Al Hadd

In the heart of the dry Salmah Plateau, a stream of fresh water known Wadi Taab runs through.  This Wadi remained inaccessible and untouched for many years due to tough terrain and the major boulders creating drops of 50m or more to get into the wadi and out.

This trip is a combination of 7th hole and The Falls of Tiwi. You will be on your toes the whole time, conquering one challenge after another. The Wadi is about 2 km long yet it will take upto 7 to 9 hours to cross. There are multiple abseils (from 10m to 50m),  waterfalls and deep wadi pools along the way. The canyoning journney ends with an  steep climb (assisted with a rope) back to the road. This trip is all about teamwork, trust and helping one another. Good physical fitness level and endurance is required for this adventure and anyone afraid of heights will really struggle on this trip. Strong arms to pull yourself up in some spots is beneficial and a fearless heart to descend while hanging in the air is essential. This trip is best conquered in the summer and fall months as it can be very cold in the winter and spring.

From here the group will drive onwards for about 2 hours before they reach Ras Al Hadd where they will set up camp. In the morning set off on a boat ride to look for turtles and dolphins before returning to Muscat. 

Starts - 3 pm Thursday 
Ends -  2 pm Saturday

Start / End Point - Husaak Center,  Muscat 

Price: 250 OMR / 2450 SAR
Level: Medium if you are fit and experienced / Difficult if unfit and inexperienced 
Danger Level: 
 Medium, challenging terrain and no phone reception
Ages: 16+

- This is a mixed gender trip
- You must know how to swim
- This is wild camping
- Airfare and personal gear not included
- Husaak's trips are non-refundable

The Packing List

The Essentials: Ankle support hiking boots, thick woolen socks, microfibre towel, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, headlights (with spare batteries), canyoning gear and swim gear (Dryfit leggings, shorts/ t-shirts), hat, sunglasses, sandals for camp, reusable insulated water bottle (2l)
Nice to Have: Gloves for summertime (Rocks can get hot), lip balm and sunscreen, bug spray/ repellent, camera / gopro with chargers, extra batteries, toiletries, fresh clothes, and waterproof mobible phone case. 

Meals Included:
Day 1 - Dinner 
Day 2 - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 3 - Breakfast


Abseiling / Canyoning

Day 1 

3 pm – Arrive at Husaak Center

3:30 pm – Trip Briefing 

4 pm - Drive to Salmah plateau 

6:30 pm – Set up camp above the clouds. Camp 1 is next to the vehicles and you will have the option to sleep in tents or on outdoor cot beds . Depending on the time the group will take a short hike around 

7:30 pm - Enjoy a camp fire and delicious dinner 

Day 2 

5:30 am - Wake up at sunrise, enjoy a warm breakfast and then pack up

6:30 am - Drive to the start point

7:30 am  – Arrive at the start point and into the Wadi you go. After 7 to 9 hours of canyoning, abseiling, swimming and bouldering, free climb to reach the end of the Wadi. Here you will climb another 300 meters almost vertically with the assistance of safety equipment.

3 pm/ 5 pm – From the end point and vehicles, drive another 2-hours to reach Ras Al Hadd.

After we set up camp the group will tuck into our famous surf and turf with fresh grilled sea food. Ras Al Hadd is a well-known turtle nesting spot. Post dinner on Friday night, our turtle expert will meet us and take the group on a late-night search. This could take 1 hour or 2.  If you are lucky you may get to see the turtles nesting! 

Day 3 

6 am – Wake up and have a delicious hot breakfast. This is a stunning sunrise spot, perfect for a pre breakfast dip in the sea!

7:30 am – Once the car is packed up the group will set off on a morning boat ride in search of dolphins. This is weather dependent.  

10 am – Return to shore and set off back to Muscat. This will take around 4 hours.

2 pm - Arrive at Husaak Center Muscat



- Journey through one of Oman's striking canyons in the heart of the Eastern Hajar Mountains
- Hike, swim and abseil through Wadi Taab
- Visit Ras Al Hadd, serach for turtles and dophins
- Experienced guiding team 
- Transport & logistics covered in Oman
- Food, snacks and beverages provided 



  1. Muscat
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