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Wadi Taab & Ras al Hadd x

The fresh water of Wadi Taab runs through the heart of the dry Salmah Plateau. This lush Wadi has the feel of a rainforst, it emained inaccessible and untouched for many years due to the nature of the tough terrain and the major boulders creating drops of 50m or more to get to the wadi and out. This trip is one of the teams favorite for many reasons!

The Wadi is about 2KM if not less, yet it will take 7 to 9 hours to cross. There are multiple abseils from 10m to 50m and also a 200 m swim through a fresh water pool. This adventure will end with an edgy, steep climb (assisted with a rope) back to the road. Night two is spent on Turtle Beach at Ras al Hadd where the group will include some fresh grilled seafood. There is also the chance to spot some turtles on this famous nesting site.


Abseiling / Canyoning

Trip details:

Start - Thursday at 3 pm
End - Saturday at 2 pm

190 OMR per person

Meeting point:
Husaak Center - Muscat


Note: You need to know how to swim



- Experienced Guides
- Take on one of Husaaks favourite Wadi's
- Abseiling, canyoning & rock climbing
- Life jackets, helments, harnesses provided 
- Includes all food, snacks and drinks as well as a cot bed or tent to sleep in



  1. Muscat
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