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Aswan & Abu Simbel 2 Days Trip from Soma Bay

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Aswan & Abu Simbel Tour 
Experience a magical two days tour from Soma Bay to Aswan & Abu Simbel and witness visions of magical constructions. At the most distant destinations in Egypt is a combination of wonders created of pure skill and beauty for the sole purpose of honoring their religious beliefs. So  through 2 Days Aswan & Abu Simbel trip from Soma Bay, you will getting one step closer to the heavens and immortalizing their heritage and way of life across the beautiful Philae temple, the high dam, the captivating Unfinished obelisk, and the legendary Abu Simbel temple. 

USD 325

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Aswan & Abu Simbel 2 Days Trip from Soma Bay

Day_1: Aswan tour from Soma Bay

In the early morning, you will be picked up from your hotel by a private modern A.C car to Aswan and once you arrive, you will be greeted by your private professional tour guide who will take you to:

The High Dam
One of the greatest and newest constructions to ever be built in the history of Aswan is the high dam of Aswan which was created in the 60s to protect the country from the danger of the floods and also store its water which was also used to generate electricity.

The Unfinished Obelisk
Of the biggest constructions that never saw the light of day was the colossal obelisk of Hatshepsut which was created between 1508 BC and 1458 BC to stand at the great Karnak temple but unfortunately cracked during construction.

Philae Temple
The most unique temple ever to be created in the Ptolemaic era of ancient Egypt is the mesmerizing Philea temple that was built between 380-362 BC to be the worship center for Isis the deity of motherhood and healing. What makes Philae special is the amazing wall painting revealing the myth of Osiris.

You will then enjoy your lunch then check into your 5* hotel for the overnight.

Day_2: Abu Simbel tour from Aswan

 in the early morning, you will take your breakfast boxes and head with your tour guide to great:

Abu Simbel Temples
One of the biggest and most captivating temples to ever be built in the history of Egypt is the Abu Simbel temples which were built in 1200 BC by an order from pharaoh Ramses the Great (1292-1186 BC) to immortalize his victories, achievements, his loyalty to the gods through the sun festival on the 22 of February &  October and showcases his love and affection for his wife Nefertari.

Finally, you will have your lunch then transfer by a private car to your hotel in Soma Bay thus ending your two days trip from soma bay to Aswan and Abu Simbel.


  • Abu Simbel Temple
  • Philea Temple
  • The Unfinished Obelisk
  • The High Dam


  1. Lunch meal.
  2. All kinds of transfers.
  3. Professional private Tour Guide.
  4. Mineral water & soft drinks.
  5. Entrance fees to all the mentioned sites.
  6. One night accommodation at 5* hotel in Aswan.
  7. All service charges & taxes.


  1. Tipping.

  2. Any type of personal expenses.

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