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Dahshur Saqqara and Memphis tours

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If you have visited the Pyramids do not miss one of the main significant attractions in town Memphis Sakkar and Dahshur. A Cairo tour to Memphis the capital of ancient Egypt with its exhibit of the huge Ramses II statue as well as the Sphinx. Sakkara with its step Pyramid of Zoser (Djoser) the first attempt to build a whole pyramid. Dahshur with its Bent Pyramid. The day tour to Memphis Sakkara Dahshur is a comprehensive tour covering a variety of Pyramids that resembles different eras of ancient Egypt.  Dahshur Saqqara and Memphis tours is one of the most sought after Cairo excursions after the Pyramids of Giza.


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USD 53

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Your guide will pick up from your hotel to start your day tour to Memphis is considered an open air museum located south of Giza. It is considered the first capital of ancient Egypt after the unification of upper and lower Egypt. Its name evolved from Min Nefer to Memphis by the Greeks. Memphis exhibits a huge colossus of Ramsis II made of limestone, a giant Alabaster Sphinx which stood at the temple of God Pitah.Sakkara one of the virgin archeological sites and despite the fact that a lot is discovered still remains many sites unexcavated. Sakkara and Dahshur are associated with Memphis they used to be necropolis of Memphis.

 Sakkara is dominated with the step Pyramid of Zoser one of the oldest stone structures in the world and an evolution from the single Mastaba tombs to the later smooth sided pyramids. The Pyramid of Unas famous for its burial chamber, where its walls are covered with what is known as the “Pyramid Text”, the first collection of religious texts drawn up during the Old Kingdom and destined to protect and guide the dead pharaoh during his journey in the “other world”. Sakkara is well known for the mastaba-type tombs of the ancient Egyptian nobles. The tomb walls bear inscriptions showing scenes of daily life in ancient Egypt, such as: farming, animal breeding, hunting, as well as religious rites and offerings to the owners of the mastabas and to the gods.

Proceeding further south lies the Dahshur with the red pyramid of Sneferu and the Bent pyramid.


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How many pyramids are there in Dahshur?

General Authority for Tourism Development
The village of Mansheyet Dahshur is located near the three historical pyramids of Dashhur: the Red Pyramid and the Black Pyramid. It forms part of the World Heritage Monument Cemetery, which is located to the north towards Cairo.

What is there in Dahshur?

Dahshur - Wikipedia
Dahshur contains an ancient Egyptian royal cemetery, as well as a number of pyramids built between the years 2613-2589 BC. M. The Pyramid of Sneferu was the first of the pyramids of Dahshur, as it was built during the reign of King Sneferu. Sneferu tried to build a pyramid with smooth sides, but as a result of some errors in cutting the stones and the softness of the soil on which the pyramid was built, the pyramid bent.

What is the meaning of the word Dahshur?

Meaning of Dahshur in the English dictionary

It is one of the five remaining pyramids of the original ten pyramids at Dahshur in Egypt.



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Memphis Sakkara Dahshur


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  • Explore Cairo's other significant attractions

  • See the impeccable Ramses II statue and the Sphinxes in Memphis

  • Get to know how the Pyramids was build by seeing the Step Pyramids of Zoser

  • See Dahshur Pyramids and enjoy the sight with less tourists




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