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USD 1'300

Are you one who dares to venture into an exciting journey? Rent a boat in Jeddah and explore the rich waters of the Red Sea. Situated on the gorgeous western coastlines of Saudi Arabia, the vibrant city of Jeddah lies with its hidden treasures.

The lively coastal city of Jeddah offers an incredible spectrum of marine activities and adventures that never fail to impress both- the residents and tourists. Among these exciting water sports, one such exhilarating adventure is the Deep-Sea Fishing Jeddah tour. Experience the fascinating azure of the Arabian Sea as you embark on the Jeddah deep sea fishing tours. And when it comes down to indulging in the clear waters and the captivating leisurely pursuit, there is no better choice than opting for fishing boat rental Jeddah private sea tours.



Between 30 and 15 days before your arrival date, 25% of the entire tour price will be deducted.  

Between 14 and 7 days before your arrival date, 50% of the entire tour price will be deducted.

Between 7 and 4 days before your arrival date, 75% of the entire tour price will be deducted.

Between 3 and 1 days before your arrival date, 100% of the entire tour price will be deducted


0 - 01.99 Free
2 - 05.99 pay 25% of the tour price

6 - 11.99 pay 50% of the tour price12 years and over pay the full price of the trip per adult person

USD 1'300

现在预订! Inquire Booking

Are you wondering what is so special about exploring the waters of Jeddah? Our Jeddah fishing tours are the answer to all your doubts! In this comprehensive guide, we look into every detail you need to know about the waters, the best fishing boat rental Jeddah has to offer, and what to expect at the expedition of the hidden treasures in the waters of this city.

Do you want to make your trip to Jeddah a memorable one? Get in touch with our team today and enjoy the cheap fishing boat rental Jeddah has to offer with early-bird bookings.

Indulge in an exhilarating getaway in the aquatic haven of the city with our Jeddah private sea tours. Jeddah's proximity to the Red Sea makes it an excellent location for fishing enthusiasts. Whether you're a professional angler or a newbie looking to try your hand at fishing, the boat rental Jeddah fishing tours are an ideal way to get started on this thrilling journey. Perhaps our tour package offers the perfect blend of thrill, relaxation and opportunities to find rewarding catches from the deep treasures.

When you opt to choose a tour package from us, you can expect an effortless experience! We provide you with all the necessary fishing equipment, such as fishing rods, baits, safety gear, refreshments, and much more. Besides that, we also have a tour expert accompanying you to ensure your safety is not compromised. And you get the most out of your fishing experience! Indeed, our tour guides are well-versed and have hands-on experience with the local marine life, ideal fishing spots, the right fishing techniques and much more- making your time in the sea an unforgettable moment! Furthermore, they will also keep you entertained as you wait for your catch by imparting insightful and fascinating facts about the local marine life and the region.

As you hop onto the boat and sail away, you will be treated to the captivating vistas and breathtaking coastal landscapes of Jeddah. Besides, the pristine, clear waters of Jeddah are welcoming!

What rewards are expected on this fishing expedition?

The Red Sea water is rich in marine life. Here are a variety of fish species that you can expect to catch:

  • Snapper
  • Grouper
  • Kingfish
  • Barracuda
  • Sailfish
  • Marlin
  • Mahi-mahi
  • Wahoo
  • Swordfish

Indeed, from an easy catch to challenging deep-sea fishing, this tour is flawlessly packed with the right amount of thrill and fun!

The deep sea fishing excursions often last for half to a full day, giving you ample time in the sea to explore and have a great catch! So, gear up and get ready for an action-packed day by the sea.

However, before confirming the tour, select the ideal size of the boat based on the following factors.

  • The size of the group
  • The trip duration
  • The skill level of the expedition

With the rich and thriving marine ecosystem, whether you angle by the shore or go deep into the sea, the waters of Jeddah promise a delightful reward. Thus, with stunning coastlines, fresh breeze and hidden gems, the excursion in Jeddah makes an unforgettable journey!

Why wait any longer? Book your tour with us today and encounter a fun-filled day in the clear waters of Jeddah!



  • Fishing equipment such as bait and rod
  • Safety gear
  • Refreshments and snacks
  • Icebox
  • BBQ arrangements with an additional cost

Fishing tip: You can also go to a nearby seafood restaurant with your fresh catch and watch them turn it into a delicious meal.


Tour Duration

  • 6 Hours

Tour Prices

  • Per Group : 1300 SAR

Additional Informations

  • Wear ideal clothing.
  • Carry required medicines.
  • Max capacity is 9 Pax.
  • There is no refund or cancellation policy.
  • Time punctuality is mandatory.
  • The fishing activity is subject to weather conditions. We will cancel or reschedule the fishing excursion if the weather is unfavourable.


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