Day tour to Dahshur, Abu Sir, & Saqqara from Hurghada

Day tour to Dahshur, Abu Sir, & Saqqara

              Day tour to Dahshur, Abu Sir, & Saqqara  from Hurghada

In day tour to Dahshur, Abu Sir, & Saqqara  ,we’ll see some of Egypt’s most interesting pyramids.  you’ll get a great chance to see the evolution of pyramid construction from stepped pyramids, to a failed attempt at a smooth-sided pyramid, to the first successful attempt

  • Hurghada Hotel Pickup

    Our highly trained, friendly and knowledgable tour guide will pick you up from your hotel in Hurghada. After that we’ll begin our tour to Abusir.

    The Pyramids of Abusir

    Abusir is an area just outside of Cairo in the Nile Valley where the pharohs  of the Old Kingdom were buiried.  Abusir pyramids  built after traditional burial sites of the 4th dynasty had been filled up, leading the pharohs of the 5th dynasty to look for new land.

    Step Pyramid of Djoser

    Built to hold Pharoh Djoser’s mummified body. The stepped pyramid of Djoser was a step towards the great Pyramids of Giza with their precision architecture. Built in 2611 B.C.This pyramid reaches 62 meters high, built from six stepped layers of stone. Therefore,it was a significant advance on the softer materials such as mud-brick or even wood and reeds that previous pyramids had been made from. The stepped pyramid of Djoser is the first example of stone architecture.

    Built with underground burial chambers hidden in a maze of tunnels to discourage grave robbers. This effort turned out to be fruit-less as the grave  robbed leaving only King Djoser’s mummified left foot!


    We’ll leave these fantastic examples of early pyramids for a delicious lunch and a cool drink.

    Red Pyramid Tour

    The largest of three major pyramids located at Dashsur necropolis. The Red Pyramid earns its name because of the red granite stones which made form . When construction  finally finished it was the World’s tallest man-made structure and even today remains Egypt’s thirst largest pyramid. Believed to be the world’s first successful attempt at make a true smooth-sided pyramid. This is the next logical evolution in pyramid construction after the stepped pyramid of Djoser

    Red Pyramid took around 17 years to construct, with a slightly more squat design than other pyramids to stop it collapsing like previous attempts. On our tour we’ll climb over the stones of the pyramid to an entrance high on the north side, where we’ll take a 3 foot high passage which slopes downwards 27 degrees to a short horizontal passage leading into a chamber whose corbelled roof is 40 feet (12�m) high and rises in eleven steps. At the southern end of the chamber, but offset to the west, another short horizontal passage leads into the second chamber. They probably close this passage at one time and the offset intende to confuse potential robbers.

    Bent Pyramid of Dahsur

    Where the Red Pyramid was the ancient Egyptians first successful attempt at making a truely smooth sided pyramid, the Bent pyramid of Dahsur was Egypt’s actual first attempt – just not a successful one! On our tour of the bent pyramid of Dahsur you’ll see how the angle drastically changes half way through its construction.Besides that, On this tour we’ll talk more about how and why the bent pyramid was built and how the cult of Snefru was centred at the site, even though Pharaoh Snefru himself was not eventually buried there.

    Transfer back to your  Hotel

    After our tour of some of the most impressive and interesting pyramids in Cairo, seeing them from outside and inside, we’ll travel back to your  hotel.

  • Price Includes:

    • A Friendly and Knowledgable Egypt Excursions Tour Guide
    • All transfers by A-C van .
    • English speaking Egyptologist guide .
    • Entrance fees to the mentioned places in the program .
    • Lunch during tour at special restaurant .

    Price Does Not Include:

    • Drinks in the restaurant .


The price start from 150 $ per person

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