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Enjoy with Daily tours egypt Company a 15-day trip to Saudi Arabia, where we will start the tour in the capital, which is the city of Riyadh. There we will visit the Edge of the World region, and from here we will visit the ancient villages built of mud bricks, which are located in Ushaiqar and Hail, then we will go to the abandoned city of Al-Ula, and from there to Mada’in Salah, then In the northwest of the country, we will visit the beautiful Wadi Qarar, then we will go to the amazing Asir Mountain. Join us and experience an unparalleled adventure.



Between 30 and 15 days before your arrival date, 25% of the entire tour price will be deducted.  

Between 14 and 7 days before your arrival date, 50% of the entire tour price will be deducted.

Between 7 and 4 days before your arrival date, 75% of the entire tour price will be deducted.

Between 3 and 1 days before your arrival date, 100% of the entire tour price will be deducted

Children Policy:

0 - 01.99 Free
2 - 05.99 pay 25% of the tour price

6 - 11.99 pay 50% of the tour price12 years and over pay the full price of the trip per adult person

From USD 1

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Day 1 – Riyadh


Arrive in Riyadh and transfer to the hotel. Depending on when you arrive there may be time to explore the city. Overnight in Riyadh.

Day 2 – Riyadh


Spend today exploring Riyadh. We visit the Murraba Palace, built by King Abdul Aziz in the traditional style as a home for his family, as well as the historic Masmak fortress, one of the oldest buildings in the city. As well as this we will visit the Dira souq, specialising in copper and brass as well as old Bedouin jewellery, and the National Museum. Overnight in Riyadh.

Day 3 – Diriyah – The Edge of the World


Spend the morning visiting the walled town of Diriyyah, the birthplace of the Saudi state, and now in a process of restoration. In the afternoon we drive to the ‘Edge of the World’, a dramatic escarpment with spectacular views over the endless desert horizons. Return to Riyadh after watching the sunset. Overnight in Riyadh.

Please note: Diriyah is currently under restoration although is schedule to re-open shortly. If however it remains closed, we will view it from the outside.

Day 4 – Ushaiger – Buraydah


Drive to the well preserved mud brick village of Ushaiger, with its approximately 400 houses and 25 mosques lining a maze of paths amidst the palm trees and orchards. From here continue to Buraydah and explore its lively souq and date market, as well as the camel market, reputedly the largest in the world. Overnight Tramontan Hotel or similar. (B)

Day 5 – Jubbah – Hail


This morning we drive to see the collection of ancient rock art at Jubbah, a huge open air art gallery with carvings that date back to 5500BC. Continue to Hail, the gateway to the desert and once a major meeting point for traders and pilgrims. Throughout the city are a number of forts and palaces, often now used as museums or libraries, dating back to the time of Ottoman rule. We explore city, including the Al Qishlah fort, among other sites. We will also visit the ancient petroglyphs at Jubbah. Overnight in Hail.

Day 6 – Al Ula


Drive to Al Ula, with its well preserved historic buildings. This is the gateway to Madain Saleh but is well worth exploring on its own. Upon arrival we explore the old town. Overnight in Al Ula.

Day 7 – Al Ula


Today we explore some of the many sites in and around Al Ula, including the ‘lion tomb’, Ikmah Mountain with its ancient inscriptions, and the ‘elephant rock’. Overnight in Al Ula.

Day 8 – Madain Saleh – Tabuk


Head to the site of Madain Saleh – perhaps the highlight of this trip. We spend time exploring its numerous tombs and chambers hewn into the rocks, a remnant of the Nabataean civilisation which once ruled this part of Arabia. We also head a little further afield to visit 17th century Ottoman fort at Al Moadham, and we’ll also visit the historic Hejaz railway station. Continue from here to Tabuk. Overnight in Tabuk

Day 9 – Wadi Qaraqir – Tabuk


Drive to Wadi Qaraqir, one of Saudi Arabia’s natural wonders. This is a 15km canyon running through the Jebel Qaraqir, a palm dotted oasis with crystal clear waters, which we explore on foot and by vehicle. We then return to Tabuk for the night. Overnight in Tabuk.

Day 10 – Bajdah Desert


Today we take jeeps into the Bajdah Desert, also known as Jebel Hisma. This is an area of stunning desert scenery not dissimilar from the better known Wadi Rum in Jordan, and we spend the day exploring its canyons, wadis and rocky outcrops, before returning to Tabuk. Overnight in Tabuk.

Days 11-12 – Abha


Fly to Abha, in the Asir Mountains. At an altitude of 2200m, the climate here is quite different to the rest of the country, and frequent rainfall makes the surrounding lands fertile, and good for agriculture. The architecture here is quite distinct, and on the outskirts of the city we can see centuries old mud and stone houses with striking white decorations. Explore the city including the market and the Al Shada Palace. Overnight in Abha.

Day 13 – Abha – Jeddah

Continue exploring the area around Abha, visiting some of its traditional villages for an insight into a more rural side of the country, with good opportunities to meet local people. Fly to Jeddah in the afternoon. Overnight in Jeddah.

Day 14 – Jeddah


Spend today exploring Jeddah. This morning visit some of the old Ottoman houses, constructed from coral and wood, for a sense of the history of this Red Sea city, built on the wealth of ancient trade routes. We also visit local museums which are home to ethnological and archaeological artefacts, and have time to stroll along the cornice with the locals. Overnight in Jeddah.

Day 15 – Jeddah

Transfer to the airport for departure.

Please note that government restrictions may sometimes force us to make amendments to this itinerary, and you should be prepared for a degree of flexibility. The Saudi authorities can be rather arbitrary in making sudden closures of sites and we cannot always guarantee that all sites can be visited. You should also be aware that some sites, like forts and mosques, can generally only be viewed from the outside.


What’s included?

  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Guides
  • Meals
  • Entrance fees

What’s not included?

  • Visas
  • International flights
  • Travel Insurance

Important Note :

We accept all methods of secure payment: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, direct bank transfer.

Kindly note that the hotel rating in Saudi is not the same as in USA or Europe, so Luxury or Ultimate Luxury hotel options are always recommended.



Why should I visit Abha?

Yes, the mild climate, stunning natural landscape, fun activities, and culture and heritage make Abha one of the most popular tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia. You can get valuable insight into the life of the locals, walk in parks, visit lakes and museums, and have an enriching time when you are here.

Which is the best wadi in Saudi Arabia?

Wadi al-Bardani is one of Saudi Arabia's most beautiful valleys given its green landscape and flowing water. The valley, which is located in south Bareq and north of Muhayil Asir, is distinguished for its river which flows all year round from the town of Al-Mashbah and other areas in Asir and flows into Wadi Baqrah.Jan 18, 2018


  • Explore Jeddah’s historic quarter
  • Visit the Nabataean city of Madain Saleh
  • Traditional villages of the Asir Mountains
  • Ancient desert forts
  • Stay in the vibrant city of Riyadh

Travel Insurance – from AIG

Secure your trip and give yourself greater peace of mind with the Travel Insurance program proposed by AIG for you. For more info visit
One week 50$ per person
More than one week 75 $ per person.

Saudi Sim Card

if you plan to get a Saudi sim card we would advise you to get it at the airport when you arrive. as it will be much easier to buy it from the airport other than anywhere else as they request more documents if you decide to buy it later from anywhere else.

Our Tour Leader/Driver

We don’t only choose qualified and professional Tour leader/ Drivers but also choose those who are friendly, with a sense of humor who are committed to offering a superior level of service so you can enjoy your time with them.

How To dress

Both men and women are asked to dress modestly in public, avoiding tight-fitting clothing. Women should cover shoulders and knees in public.

Your passport

You should keep your passport with you during any tour you will be making in Saudi Arabia. don’t leave it in your hotel room as some times they request to see your passport or visa.


  1. Riyadh
  2. AlUla
  3. Jeddah
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