Dendera and Abydos Daily Tour from Makadi Bay -

Dendera and Abydos Daily Tour from Makadi Bay

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Dendera and Abydos Daily Tour from Makadi Bay. We offer the chance to witness the most significant archaeological locations in ancient Egypt through our extraordinary Dendera and Abydos tour from Makadi Bay. The marvelous Dendera temple was the worship center of the goddess Hathor of joy, healing & love while the Abydos temple acted as the temple of the ruler of the underworld Osiris which was once believed to be an entrance to the underworld. Don’t miss your chance to get a taste the archaeological with our trip from Makadi bay to Dendera and Abydos temples.
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Dendera and Abydos Daily Tour from Makadi Bay

We will pick you up from your hotel in Makadi in an air-conditioned vehicle. Then we drive to start a Private day tour to Abydos and Dendera temples

Abydos Temple:

which was once one of the holiest places in the world. Learn about the cult of the god Osiris and the gateway to the underworld. Marvel at the temple of Seti I, which was built around 1300 BC. was built by Seti I and his son Ramses II.

Get to know the ancient kings, starting with the first Pharaoh of united Egypt, Pharao Menes. Your Egyptologist, who will accompany you on the trip, will tell you a lot about the legendary rulers, including the pharaohs, which should probably be deleted from history.

Then we continue to the cenotaph in Osireion, an underground chamber built in honor of the god Osiris. According to myths, the cenotaph is said to contain the head of Osiris. Visit the nearby temple, built by Ramses II and showing many depictions of battles. Learn about the greatest and most powerful man of the Egyptian empire in very detailed reliefs.

Enjoy Egyptian Lunch by Abydos temple 

Finally, you will visit the

Dendera Temple
one of the best preserved temples in Egypt. The Dendera temple was built in the time of the Greeks and Romans. See Roman emperors alongside Egyptian gods. The Dendera Temple is the only temple in Egypt where you can see a beautiful carving of Queen Cleopatra VII.

After you have admired the intact astronomical calendar, you can still enjoy a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape from the accessible roof before you end your Private day tour to Abydos and Dendera temples and return to your hotel in Makadi.


  • Explore the temple of goddess Hathor in Dendera, let yourself be fascinated by the magnificent colors.
  • Marvel at the Temple of Abydos Enjoy the ride on the Nile Valley,
  • Drive individually with a private guide.
  • On a fantastic tour you will discover unknown places that are often hidden from other visitors. 
  • Enjoy the tour away from mass tourism.
  • You will experience your travel destination like never before.


  1. Tour guide by Egyptologist
  2. Visit to the Abydos Temple
  3. Visit to the Dendera Temple
  4. All transfers in an air-conditioned vehicle
  5. All entrance fees for the promotions mentioned in the process
  6. All services and local taxes
  7. Meals - included in the price
  8. Soft drinks on the bus
  9. lunch in the restaurant


  1. Drinks in the restaurant
  2. Any additions that are not mentioned in the process
  3. gratuities