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Kids Summer Camp - Tanomah

Husaak believe that life happens outdoors, and some lessons cannot be taught in the classroom. A fun summer camp to help children connect with nature, gain confidence and develop their collaboration skills. The experiences will push youth to break out of their comfort zone, discover new passions for outdoors, arts & heritage.

The Summer Camp will operate from Husaak’s adventure center in Tanomah. Located within the Asir province, Tanomah is home to wadis, waterfalls and some of the highest peaks in the Kingdom. 

Activities include: hiking, abseiling, climbing, survivial skills, mountain biking, raft building, stargazing, film making, arts and crafts 

So bring your son, daughter, brother or cousin and give the young person in your life a sense of adventure and a Summer to remember. 

Dates - 17th-21st July OR 14th-18th August
Duration - 4 Nights
Start & End Point - Bisha / Abha Airport

Price - 
Adult - 5000 SAR + VAT
Child - 4500 SAR + VAT

Delivery: English and Arabic

Outcomes & Skills

  • Increased organisational skills and self–management
  • Increased resilience and determination
  • Increased understanding of the elements of effective teamwork and communication
  • Survival skills
  • Respect for the environment
  • Physical fitness 
  • Development of talents and interest in: Art, nature, history and geology

Note - 
*  If you cancel or pull your child for any reason other than a postive Covid result, there is no refund
*  The full packing list will be attached to your booking confirmation along with FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the camp set up? 
The camp is set at Husaak's Adventure Center in Tanomah.
  1. What about showers and bathrooms?
There are toilets and showers onsite.
  1. Is there signal at camp?
There is signal and wifi at Husaak Center Tanomah but there will be areas the students visit which don't have network coverage.
  1. How will I know my child is, ok?
There will be a parents WhatsApp group, our team will update the group twice per day with photos, videos and feedback on the day.
  1. What if I need to get in touch with my child in the case of an emergency?
You will call our Ops Manager who will then radio our team. Likewise, if we have to get a message to you and we don’t have network coverage, we will ask the Ops team to deliver the message.
  1. What happens in the event of an emergency? 
Husaak’s guides have full wilderness first aid and mountain rescue training. During more physical activities, the group will have a nurse onsite. In the event of an emergency, the persons involved would evacuated and taken back to camp or if necessary, to the nearest hospital in Tanomah.
  1. What if my child catches Covid?
Children displays symptoms will be separated from the group and taken for testing. There will be an isolation tent for children to sleep in and dedicated team members to look after them whilst they quarantine.There is no additional cost if your child has to stay for longer due to quarantine.
  1. Does my child need special equipment?

Yes, the full packing list will be attached to your booking confirmation

In order to register your child to participate in the AlUla Youth Camp, you will be asked to complete the Waiver and Registration form. As part of this process you will be asked to:

  • Provide personal information

  • Assess your childs fitness levels

  • Give details of medical history, including information on medication and allergies


Day 1 - 

The trip starts in the morning, pick up from Bisha or Abha airport by 11 am. The first afternoon will be spent traveling to The Outpost. Upon arrival there will be trip briefing and film festival direction. After lunch, the group will work together to create the camp rules before setting off on a 4 km sunset hike. Dinner will be served around 7 pm, after this the group will have ice breakers around the fire and are welcome to participate in a talent show.

Day 2 - 

Wake up, eat breakfast and then set off on the one day Jurassic World to experience some of Tanomah’s breath-taking scenery. This journey through the Hills of Mama leads to a natural garden and pool. After lunch the group will have a survival skills workshop learning how to tie knots, build shelter and light a fire. Take part in a tradtional art activity, get hands on as you mould and script from earth and rock before having dinner and relaxing around the fire.

Day 3 -

Campers will travel to AlNamas Reservior. The day begins with the mountain bike challenge, work in teams to assemble a bike and then race in teams along the lake side trail. After lunch campers will be divided into groups of 4, they will design and build a raft from the materials provided by Husaak before racing to the otherside of the lake. This day is all about learning to work as a team and communicate effectively. After dinner there will be a stargazing session, campers will learn more about the skies of Asir and ancient nagivation systems.

Day 4 -
Collaborating with SHC federation, campers will learn the basics of rock climbing. After the morning intro session, campers will have a practical session on the rock walls. Once the group finish lunch they will travel to meet Uncle Dahdoh, an old time storyteller from Tanomah. Listen to tales of the old days whilst earning the history and culture of the province before trying your hand at cooking traditional bread from scratch. The rest of the day is spent preparing for the film festival and after dinner the campers will debut their film which shares their experience of the Summer camp.

Day 5 -

After breakfast, the group will review their learning before packing up their things. The camp comes to an end as we drop students off at the airport and they return home to their families.

Points forts

- Experienced outdoor operator with 8+ years experience in delivering youth programs 
- 4 Night Adventure in Tanomah staying at The Outpost Tanomah
- Activities include: hiking, abseiling, climbing, survivial skills, mountain biking, raft building, arts and crafts 
- Includes meals, snacks and beverages
- Transport to / from Bisha or Abha Airport 
- Tent provided 


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