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Journey Through Time Trail

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Embark on a journey through time on this 8 km historical treasure site adorned with clusters of pictographs that have stood for two thousand years. This trail is not only a testament to AlUla's rich heritage but also a showcase of its breathtaking natural beauty. The trail is in the core preservation zone, visitors are limited to 10 people at any one time making it a truely unique experience.

As you embark on the Journey Through Time trail, you will be transported into the past, walking in the footsteps of those who came before. The pictographs, dating back millennia, offer glimpses into the lives, stories, and culture of those who once roamed these lands. The trail itself is a journey of around 3 to 4 hours, depending on your fitness levels, and covers various carvings, each telling its own unique tale. 

To reach this historical marvel, you'll embark on a 1 hour 10-minute drive each way. In winter months, the trail presents an added element of adventure, as some sections may be adorned with deep pools of rainwater. But fear not, for these pools are a natural part of the journey. Pack a change of clothes to fully embrace this element and let the water pools become a part of your story. 

This is a chance to witness the enduring power of nature's artistry, and to explore its rich history that has been etched into the stones and sands. So, gather your adventurous spirit and step onto the trail, where history, nature, and the human journey intertwine.

This trail is in the reserve area, completely protected with limited entry. This makes it truly unique. 

April 15- May 31

Thur @ 8 am

Ages: 8+

Meeting Point - Husaak Center AlUla

Adult - 374 SAR inclusive of VAT
Child - 316 SAR inclusive of VAT

Key Info: 

  • 8 km guided hike (3-4 hours)    
  • Meeting point at Husaak Center AlUla
  • In some sections, the trail requires hikes to pass through deep pools of rainwater that reach up to the waist line or beyond.  Our team can provide a life jacket for those who cannot swim. The water will be very cold in winter. please bring a change of clothes with you.
  • Requires medium fitness level
  • 1 hour 10 minutes drive each way
  • We recommend dressing in comfortable hiking attire and ankle support hiking boots. Bring your hat, sunscreen, jacket/windbreaker, polar fleece and backpack
  • Please pack a change of clothes to wear after submerging into pools of water
  • Not suitable for children under 8
  • Hiking requires physical fitness and stamina
  • Hiking clothes and boots will not be provided
Please be mindful of booking other activities if the estimated return time overlaps with the this experience. The tour will not wait for you and if you do not make it on time you will be marked as a no show and lose your ticket. There is no rescheduling or refunding.

We require a minimum of 4 pax to run each experience. If the trip does not reach the minimum number, you will be offered a different time or alternate activity. However, if this does not suit you, you will be refunded the amount.You can view Husaak's terms, conditions and cancelaton policy here.

Pickup time is half an hour before the tour starts. 

A partir de USD 275

+7 Options additionnelles

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Morning Hike
8 AM – Meet at Husaak Center AlUla for Trip Briefing 
8:15 AM – Depart for the Journey Through Time Trail
9:25 AM - Start the hike
12 PM - Finish the hike
1:10 PM – Return to Husaak Center AlUla

Afternoon Hike
2:00 PM - Meet at Husaak Center AlUla for Trip Briefing 
2:15 PM - Depart for the Journey Through Time Trail
3:25 PM - Start the hike
5:50 PM - Finish the hike
7 PM - Drop off at Husaak Center AlUla

Ramadan Schedule
Sunday @ 12 pm

12 PM-Meet at Husaak Center AlUla for Trip Briefing 
12:15 PM- Depart for the Journey Through Time Trail
1:25 PM- Start the hike
4 PM- Finish the hike
5:10 PM- Return to Husaak Center AlUla

Difficulty Level: Medium-level. No elevation gain, just a long hike with various terrains

Meeting point: Husaak Center AlUla


Entrance Policy:

  • Please arrive a Husaak Center AlUla 10 minutes prior to departure time
  • If driving, park free of charge in the designated areas next to the center
  • Late arrival for your booked time may result in missing your trip
  • Age limit not suitable for children below 8


Points forts

- Hike on different terrain from sand to volcanic rocks
- View clusters of pictographs that are two-thousand years old 
- See a variety of flora and fauna
- Water and snack pack included
- Experienced Adventure Operator with ISO Cerification in Safety Management 


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