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UAE to Oman Road Trip

Oman is officially open, and we have created a fantastic road trip from UAE! This 4-night adventure includes transport from Dubai. Our team will pick you up from a central location in Dubai and drive you straight to Jebal Shams to start your adventure.

This weekend trip is a mix of hiking, kayaking and canyoning. We will show you some of Omans best destinations. Chose from easier hikes or summit the highest peak in the Gulf Jebel Shams. Journey through the famous Snake Canyon and enjoy a fun kayaking excursion with beach camping!

Starts - Tuesday 30th Nov at 5pm
Ends - Saturday 4th Oct at 5pm 

Ages - 16+

Price - 3999 AED per person
* Husaak Members get 50% off!

Includes transport from Dubai, meals, activities, experiended guidng team and logistics. 

Not included: personal gear, PCR tests and optional extras.

Meals Included: 

Tuesday – Dinner

Wednesday - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Thursday - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Friday - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Saturday - Breakfast & Lunch


Packing List: Water shoes (to wear when on the kayak), sandals for camp, ankle support hiking boots, thick woollen socks, canyoning gear such as dryfit clothing, headlight, waterproof backpack (for your clothes and gear), sleeping bag, sleeping mat, 30L rucksack, pj's to sleep at night/Fleece/down jacket/warm pants for the night, mosquito repellent, hat (very important), sunglasses, sunblock, swimming clothes, small towel, light jacket (it might get cool at night in the mountain), snorkelling gear (goggles, snorkel and fins), wetsuit or rash guard (If you get cold easily), waterproof camera fully charged, an extra charger for your phone if you are going to use it for photos and spare clothing

Husaak has a non-refund policy, before booking please check our terms and conditions at

Day 1 

5 pm – Meet our team at a central location in Dubai and set off on the road, dinner we will pick up on the way.

10:30 pm – Arrive at Jebel Shams, where camp will be set up for you. Camping in the grounds of Sama Heights Resort offers access to basic toilet and shower facilities. Quick introductions around the campfire and then it is sleep time.

Day 2 - You have 2 options on day two:

Option 1 - Summit hike | Difficult

5 am - Wake up

5:30 am - Grab quick breakfast

6 am – Set off on a 10 km each way hike to reach the highest peak in the gulf at 3009m 

12 pm - Packed lunch.You will have between 1 hour to 5 minutes to spend at the summit dependent on your speed. The goal is to make it back to camp before sunset.
3 pm to 5 pm - The return time will depend on the fitness level and speed of the group.


Option 2 - Balcony + IMAX hike - Easy/Med

7 am - Wake up

7:30 am - Grab quick breakfast

8 am – Set off for the balcony walk, this 2.5 km each way hike is along the rim of the canyon

9:30 am – Reach the abandoned village 
10 am – Hike back to the start point 

11:30 am – Return to Camp

12 pm – Lunch with local Omani family 

1:30 pm – Set off to the IMAX start point

2 pm – 1 hour each way hike is slightly more challenging but leads you to a fantastic viewpoint 

4 pm – Finish hike and return to camp 

Both groups will relax around the campfire and tuck into our famous steaks.

Day 3 

6 am - Wake up and grab quick breakfast

6:30 am – Pack up camp

7 am – Set off to Snake Canyon

8:30 am – Arrive and get your canyoning gear on 

9 am –  Start the journey through the crack between two mountains, where rushing water has cut right through, leaving behind smooth, colorful rocks with plenty of water pools. The canyon can be as wide as 30 feet and as narrow as 2 feet, in some parts. It normally takes about 4-5 hours to cut through it.

2 pm – Exit the Canyon

3 pm – Drive back to Muscat

5:30 pm – Arrive at Husaak Center, shower and head out to get PCR tests then chill and sleep.


We will spend this night at the center relaxing. Beds cannot be guaranteed, you may have to find a couch or sleep on the portable cot beds. 

Day 4 

7 am - Wake up and get ready

7:30 am – Have breakfast 

8 am – Load the cars and set off to Bandar Khayran

9 am – Arrive at the kayak center, get into your kayak and let our team will lead you on a journey through the magical fjords of Oman. The journey to Mermaid cove will take around 2-4 hours depending on your fitness levels 

11 am – 1 pm – Arrive at Mermaid Cove. This day is about kayaking, relaxing and snorkelling. 
6 pm – BBQ Dinner, relax around the campfire and set off on an optional night kayak to look for the bioluminescent plankton


Day 5

6 am - Wake up and eat breakfast

6:30 am – Pack up camp

7 am – Set off in kayaks back to the kayak center

9 am – 11 am –  Arrive back at Kayak center

12 am to 12 pm – Return to Husaak center Muscat, freshen up and grab some lunch

12:30 pm – Pack the cars and set off to Dubai 

5 pm – Estimated drop off time in Dubai

Points forts

- Transport from Muscat by road and all trip logistics 
- Experienced adventure tour operator with ISO certification in Safety Management 
- Visit Jebal Shams, Snake Canyon and Bandar Khayran
- Try hiking, canyoning and kayaking
- Meals, snacks and beverages provided 


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