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Private Dendera and Abydos Day trip from El Gouna

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Dendera and Abydos day trip is  one of the most mesmerizing destinations in Egypt that can’t be missed . you can discover them with our Dendera & Abydos day tour from El Gouna. The beautiful Dendera temple is the home of the goddess Hathor of joy, healing & love while Abydos is one of the most religious spots on the history of ancient Egypt as it acted as the temple of the ruler of the underworld Osiris & was believed to be an entrance to the afterlife. Abydos was even visited from time to time by modern Muslims on their way from a pilgrimage trip.

Van USD 150

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Private Dendera and Abydos Day trip from El Gouna

You will be picked up from your hotel in El Gouna then you will process to start your Dendera & Abydos day tour from El Gouna with Dendera temple. You will have a break midway to refresh.

The Dendera temple
is the home of the goddess of love, healing, and beauty Hathor which was constructed in the late Ptolemaic Dynasty by Cleopatra VII & Ptolemy XII. The design of the temple followed the design of other classical Egyptian temples with the only exception of the front of the captivating hypostyle hall which was constructed by Emperor Tiberius(14 AD-37AD). The temple complex is filled with marvelous images portraying the Ptolemaic rulers.

There is a beautiful carving on the external face of one of the temple walls in a huge relief of Cleopatra VII & her son Caesarion from Julius Caesar, showing both of them wearing an Egyptian Barb and offering sacrifices to Hathor.

The Dendera complex was known among travels and pilgrims who would come to seek healing from the goddess as showcased by the sanatorium in the temple complex. There is also the sacred water that was used for bathing and as an unguent by the priests of Hathor. There are big sleeping quarters were the Hathor was expected to appear in dreams of its followers and answer all of their questions and wishes.

You will drive to the holy Abydos temple that contains Umm El Qa’ab, royal necropolis, and many other tombs & extremely important burial all around the area due to the growth of the town’s reputation as a cult site.

Abydos temple
In Abydos lies the memorial temple of Seti I which contains fabulous descriptions from the 19th dynasty known as Abydos King list which is a chronological list showcasing cartouches of most dynastic pharaohs of Egypt from Menes until Ramesses I, Seti’s father.

The temple is two and a half hours away from Luxor by car. Seti I constructed the temple to contain small chapels dedicated to each side of the major sides like Ptah, Amun-Re, Isis, Osiris, Horus and many more. The entire complex is a forgotten piece of heaven but famous among the red sea resorts and cruises travelers who wish to explore it by themselves and discover all the beautiful hidden wonders of this holy place.

After that, you will enjoy your delicious lunch at Abydos temple.

At this point, your trip to Dendera and Abydos from El Gouna ends and  you will return back from Abydos to your hotel in El Gouna.


  • The temple of Hathor
  • The Temple of Abydos
  • The Mysterious  Cryptic
  • see cleoptra Cleopatra VII
  • The King list
  • The Flower of Life
  • the Egyptian Calender


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  4. Lunch


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