Cairo/Faiyoum/Minya/Cairo 8 Days tour package - 8 Days

      Cairo/Faiyoum/Minya/ 8 Days tour package

Explore the best of Cairo/Faiyoum/Minya/Cairo 8 Days tour package  overland . You will visit most remarkable places in the Egyptian capital Cairo including the pyramids of Giza, Saqqara Pyramid, and Complex.  Also the Ancient city of Memphis, Saladin Citadel, the historical churches, and mosques, Khan El Khalili, and the Egyptian Museum. Then visit El Fayoum major sights, Wadi El Rayan, Wadi Hitan, Mudawara Mountain, then you will visit El Minya is one of the most important governorates of Upper Egypt because of its unique archaeological sites and its stretches along the Nile River.

let’s know some informations about some attractive places you will visit during Cairo/Faiyoum/Minya/Cairo 8 Days tour package;

Zoser Step Pyramid in Sakkara;

The centerpiece of the Saqqara necropolis is the Step Pyramid of Djoser, the prototype for the pyramids of Giza and all other pyramids that followed.

This remarkable structure  built for 3rd-Dynasty King Djoser by his architect, the high priest Imhotep, in the 27th century BC.

It marks an unprecedented leap forward in the history of world architecture. Until then, Egyptian royal tombs underground rooms covered with low, flat, mud-brick mastabas.

The great innovator Imhotep chose to use stone rather than mudbrick and to build not just one mastaba but six. One on top of the other, with each additional layer 2 k smaller than the one beneath it.

The vast enclosure surrounding the step pyramid marked yet another major achievement. As it provided the template for subsequent Egyptian art and architecture.

Bounded by a finely cut limestone wall originally 10.5 m (34 ft) high. This complex included vast open courts, pavilions, shrines, and chapels.

A part of the ancient wall, complete with bastions and recesses,  restored in the southeast corner, and this provides the entrance to the enclosure.

A colonnaded corridor of 40 pillars, ribbed in imitation of palm stems, leads into the Great South Court, where things to look out for include a restored section of wall bearing a frieze of cobras.

Some of the oldest known examples of tourist graffiti, dating from the 12th century BC, can be seen preserved under perspex in buildings east of the pyramid.

On the north side of the pyramid, there is a life-size painted statue of Djoser installed within a serdab. It is a stone box designed to allow the dead king’s ka (spirit) to interact with the living world. The statue is a replica – the original is in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum

Day 1

Meet and transfer from Cairo Airport and check-in to your hotel

Day 2

We begin our tour with a full day at Sakkara and Dahshur starting with a look at the new Imhotep Museum, which allows us to understand the layout of the cemeteries, before viewing fine reliefs in Old Kingdom mastaba tombs. Visit and enter the pyramid of Teti. There will be plenty of time to explore this most atmospheric of sites including the step pyramid enclosure.

After lunch we travel to Dahshur and view the fascinating Red and Bent Pyramids of Seneferu, one or both of which we will enter.

Overnight in Cairo.

Day 3

Check-out of Cairo hotel. We leave Cairo for Karanis, to explore the Greco-Roman settlement. The on to the pyramid of Hawara where we see the site of King Amenemhat III’s mortuary temple and the ‘Labyrinth’ described by Herodotus. Here Petrie’s excavations unearthed the famous Roman period portrait-mummies.

Drive to Minya. The rest of the day will be at leisure.

Day 4

We will start our visit with rock-cut Fraser Tombs dating from the Fifth and Sixth Dynasties. Then we move on to Beni Hassan to examine the superbly decorated tombs of the local governors of the Eleventh and Twelfth Dynasties showing beautiful daily life scenes.

Finally, we will visit Ashmunein the cult centre of Hermopolis, sacred to the ibis-god Thothand. Before the drive back to the hotel, we explore Tuna el-Gebel, including the Roman Well, the unusually decorated tomb of Petosiris, along with that of Isadora and the vast baboon and ibis catacombs.

Overnight in Minya.

Day 5

oday we visit Amarna, the famous city founded by Akhenaton with various remains of the glorious city including the northern palace, the temples and the northern and southern noblemen tombs.

Overnight in Minya.

Day 6

Check-out of Minya hotel. We start our Journey back to Cairo, stopping on the way for a picnic lunch. Arriving in Cairo we travel to Giza. The rest of the day will be at leisure.

Day 7

A visit to the Giza Plateau, where the tour begins with all the major features of this enormous site including the Pyramids themselves, one of which we may be able to enter. We will walk around the pyramid of Khafre and see the inscriptions of Ramses II as well as the mortuary temple and the causeway which leads us to the Sphinx.

After lunch the tour continues to the Egyptian Museum to view the unique collections on display.

Overnight in Cairo.

Day 8

Check out of hotel and transfer to Cairo International Airport.

  • pyramids of Giza,  Sakkara and Dahshur
  • Memphis, Saladin Citadel
  • rock-cut Fraser Tombs
  • Beni Hassan
  • Ashmunein the cult centre of Hermopolis
  • Tuna el-Gebel
  • Amarna
  • Meet and Assist upon arrival & departure
  •  hotel accommodation + breakfast in Cairo
  • 2 day tour sightseeing in Cairo
  • 1 day tours – sightseeing in Al Minya
  • 1 day tours – sightseeing in Fayoum
  • Expert tour guide
  • Private vehicle with air conditioningqawz
  • Entrance fees to all the mentioned sites in our itinerary
  • All service charges & taxes
  • Entry visa into Egypt – We can assist you with obtaining your visa upon arrival
  • Any extras not mentioned in our itinerary
  • Any Tips


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